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Are you unable to get purchase a house or a car without paying high interest rates?

Are you sick and tired of needing a co-signer?

  • Did you know paying 1% higher interest on a $100,000 mortgage can cost you $30,000 extra on a 30 year note?
  • Did you know 73% of employers check credit to give you a job or promotion?
  • Did you know car insurance can be twice as high because of bad credit or low credit scores?
  • Did you know home owner insurance premiums can be 20%-50% higher?
  • Did you know cell phone providers charge deposits of $500-$1000 because of bad credit?
  • Did you know electric, gas, water and satellite providers charge $100-$250 deposits because of bad credit?

Credit Score 700+ 550 Comments
Employment 100% of jobs and
promotions will be
reviewed for acceptance
7 out of 10
applications will be
turned down
73% of employers
check credit…
Interest Rate
Monthly Payment
5YR. Payout
Saved $179.13/mo.
& $10,749 EXTRA
Cost $179.15/mo &
$10,749.00 Extra
700+ credit score
will get you low
interest rates
Interest Rate
30 YR.
30 YR
Saved $130.42 &
30 YR
Cost $130.42 &
$46,951.20 Extra!
150 points could
cost you $46,951
over 30 years.
Credit Card 0% Offers 20% – 29%
Car Insurance
$80/mo* $160/mo* Rates could be
15% – 29% more.
Helath &
$2000/YR. $2300/YR. Based
on 15% more…
Rates could be
15% – 29% more.
Cell Phone NO Deposit $200 – $500
Utility Deposit:
Electric / Gas
$175 – $200
This applies to
majority of
phone, electric,
gas and water

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Here at Landmark Credit Services we have helped people with up to 60 bad accounts turn things around in less than a year and see their dreams come true!

Meet and Listen to Adrian from Tyler, Texas

The owner of Landmark Credit Services, Brad Young spent many years working at other credit repair companies seeing consumers get overcharged and services offered that didn’t provide what was promised! After getting sick and tired of seeing this it lead to the birth of Landmark Credit Services in 2000, which restores lives across America but also provides credit and financial education to youth and churches across America.

See Brad Young on East Texas Live TV Show…

We have found that over the years it took much more than just credit repair to help people get the best credit possible, so that’s what lead to the creation of our “Circle of Success.” This customized program has a unique 3 step process that has helped thousands of consumers realize their dreams…

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Meet and Listen to Sharon Richardson form Tyler, Texas.

If you’re a business owner or want to start a business, credit is your credibility in the market place! Listen to Joe M. from East Texas Window Cleaning on this topic…

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*Important: While the testimonials and other information on this website may be exciting, Landmark Credit Services promises only to perform the steps we’ve agreed to in each client’s case and to charge each month only for steps already completed. As with any legal work, no outcome is promised. Your results will vary.