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We’ve had clients go from a 440 to a 640 in 3 months. We advise clients that it takes 3-8 months on average. If you forward in your documents to our office as soon as you get them. The process will go a lot quicker. We dispute all accounts that need to be addressed at one time to all three major credit reporting agencies. Also to the original source of the companies that reported the data on your credit reports. A good amount of companies may not address everything at one time and it will take you longer to get completed.

Most companies charge a $500 to a $1000 to get started and monthly fee of $59-$120 starting the following month. Our starting fee is a lot more affordable. There are some companies that only charge $99 to get started but they will not address everything at one time. So you will end up paying more in the monthly payments. We address all accounts with the 3 major credit reporting agencies & also directly to the companies that are reporting within the first 30-45 days.

There are some large outfits online such as Lexington Law that uses the dispute portal which only allows dispute options such as “Not Mine”, “Never Late” ,etc. The options allowed in the dispute portal doesn’t allow you to use to full enforcing laws within the Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA) Most of the large outfits are dispute mills. When you draft a letter you can use the full force of the FCRA. Remember the Credit Reporting Agencies are for profit companies and they are going to put a system in place that best fits the needs of their clients which are the ones reporting the negative and positive data on your credit reports. There clients are those that pay them to put items on your credit reports and get information about you in bed with the companies that pay then for data which are credit card companies and collection companies.

Yes we work on all accounts that are negatively affecting your credit. We run specials for those that have experienced Identity theft.

We have had peoples scores go from 400 to 600 to 700. We see scores go up all the time. Although by law we can only give you examples of people we help everyday but we can’t make guarantees of certain credit scores because it is against the Credit Repair Organizing Act (CROA).

  1. You’re not going to get the run around when you call in to get help. Bradley Young use to work at other credit repair companies and got tired of seeing the lack of integrity in the industry so he went full time in 2003 with Landmark Credit Repair out of his grandmothers house in Oklahoma. He started the company in 2000 part time. Over time the company has grown to more than 15 employees with 3-4 locations as of 2017. His grandmother and mother are still apart of the company. They take pride in doing the best the can and treating people how they should be treated.
  2.  We take pride in how we servicing our clients as you can see our A+ record with the BBB.org and no complaints in last 3 years! Click here People always ask us how we are compare to companies like Lexington Law. Here you can see their complaint section with the BBB.
  3. If we can’t get an item removed we will then employ attorneys to help. We go above and beyond the call of duty, period! Companies like Lexington Law don’t help if you get sued by a collection company or credit card company. We do…

We only see one out of 200 clients have something reinserted.

We do not provide loans as a bank to consolidate debts.

We work on challenges the collection companies and request contracts before we would ever advise to settle a debt that was purchased by a collection company. 99% of these companies will guilt a consumer into paying off a debt they purchased from the original creditor who charged the debt off and received a tax credit. It makes no sense to pay a company who bought a debt to make a profit when they hold no legal rights as a company that requires a consumer to pay them for this alleged debt.

To get a house you are looking at needing a 580 to 620 depending upon who you are trying to get qualified through. Different car lots have different credit scores ranges. If you need a mortgage loan or car loan then we have great companies we can put you in touch with.

We don’t advise to pay collection companies because 99% of the time they have no contracts obligating you to pay the alleged debt they are stated you owe. They purchase debts to make a profit off consumers that don’t know their rights! I would pay the original creditor of the debt but if the collection company is contracting you then the debt has been charged off and they no longer have the debt on their records. So you can’t even pay the original creditor. A lot of collection companies will guilt a consumer into paying a debt. It makes no sense to pay a collection company for a debt when they have nothing to state you are obligated to pay them. We can explain this more when we speak with you if you need more understanding.

We work in conjunction with you as a client to address all the issues on your credit. Its important that you stay in touch with us and send in your updates as soon as you receive them.

Once we get your credit reports to the ideal point you can cancel the services. You can cancel at anytime since this is only a month to month obligation. You will have a client support team member as a point of contact that will assist you in your questions, needs and concerns.

You will be assigned a client support team member to walk with you along the way to reach your credit goals. We are a very hands on company. You won’t be handed off to different employees. You will be assigned to a trained team member to help you directly.

Call us at 800-905-5263 or click on Live Chat to speak with someone.